Q: When is a stand not a stand?
A: When it’s a truck!
The brief for this stand was pretty straight forward: “We want a truck coming out of the wall.  Replace the windscreen with tv screens and make it so that we can walk in and do demos to visitors.”
Add a big graphic cube hanging off the ceiling, two gravity-defying canopies, a bar, some more screens and a shed load of LED lighting and hey presto!
We put Steve to work designing a show stopping stand that’s due to be reused twice a year for the next 2 – 3 years, making this orange and blue stand very green indeed.
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We enlisted the help of Swedish Truck Parts Ltd in Rochdale to advise on the truck demo build and supply the parts – we couldn’t have done it without them, and especially Dave Roylance in the parts department.
Fitted out with live cameras along side a laptop-driven demo, the glowing truck was a big draw and very different to the surrounding corporate stands.
Other details such as the backlit platform edge and floor lights really lifted the overall effect.  The hanging graphic cube took the DCL logo up to 7 metres in the air, making it visible from anywhere in the hall.
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You can see from Steve’s design visuals that the finished stand lived up to the promise of the drawings.  That’s what happens when designers run the show!

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